The GEOSTRATEGIC WORLD OBSERVATORY INC. offers an appropriate framework for making sense of and anticipating economic, social, political and military situations. Its objective should help decision-making, allowing measures to be taken to deal with situations as they arise, and thus contribute to the well-being of those concerned.

We now live in the 'Information Age' and 'the world has become a global village'. Information has indeed become a defining feature of the contemporary world. Organizations with a global reach rely on information-processing resources to structure worldwide flows of material objects and financial services.

In the context of market globalization and free trade, current thinking on strategic management emphasizes the centrality of knowledge resources. So leaders of industrial, commercial and service corporations, need a support system to evaluate and select data, and then effortlessly transform them into knowledge for improved decision-making. They need precise and concise information in all fields, most particularly in high technology.

Consequently information is increasingly becoming a critical input to business in addition to traditional economic resources like capital, material and labor. Along with knowledge, its role is becoming central in industrialized societies. Access to it has become decisive to corporations as they try to establish a competitive position in world markets, and it holds the key to progress and enrichment.

The information they are seeking is currently available at the GEOSTRATEGIC WORLD OBSERVATORY INC. It is drawn from world databases covering the economic, social or political landscapes of all geographical areas and on current international situations. It offers a clear view of events and trends so that they can make detailed Economic Forecasts. The core of good management lies in being prepared for all eventualities. As the great Canadian scientist once observed, chance favors only the prepared mind in a world where changes take place at the speed of light.

The GEOSTREATEGIC WORLD OBSERVATORY INC. is a knowledge-intense and information-intense firm. Its one ambition is to aid decision-makers by making available to them accurate data in concise form at high speed as they map out their strategies for the future. The GEOSTRATEGIC WORLD OBSERVATORY INC. was created to meet such a need. It is the outcome of in-depth reflections. Its ambition is to offer solutions for the difficulties faced by decision-makers involved in medium- and long-term planning and to assist them in making their strategic choices.